Listen to Rumors, Lose Your Protection

Edward Weston

Jul 05, 2021

At present, most of the rumors about insurance are hyped up. Many people don't understand insurance at all, or their understanding of insurance is one-sided. When they hear that insurance is not good, they follow blindly. Don't follow like sheep when you hear that insurance is a lie. Don't even stop people around you from buying insurance! Who is trustworthy? Think about these questions:

If you need a big amount of money for medical treatment, where is he?

If your child needs to be taken care of, where is he?

If you need to enjoy your retired life, where is he?

If you need to pay 200,000 dollars for surgery cost, will the people who stop you from buying insurance lend you money?

If you need a pension of 3,000 dollars per month, will those friends who say insurance is deceitful pay it?

On the other hand, look at insurance agents: they are suffering from hardness and grievances, and want to provide you with more protection. If you don't understand something, they will explain it to you in detail; if you have an accident, they will help you; if you are safe and happy, they wish you the best. Aren’t they true friends?


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