A Complete Wealthfront Review 2022

Triston Martin

Jan 28, 2022

People who use Wealthfront can now choose from more than 200 new ETFs to add to their existing portfolios or use to start a new one. The company will restructure and handle your investments for you, no matter what they are. If you're comfy with a complete internet site, then Wealthfront's line-up has something for that many investors, so you should check it out. We'll look more into the Wealthfront reviewto give you some idea if it's the correct option for your portfolio.


  • With ETFs and digitalcurrency funds, you can make your portfolio unique
  • Explicit stock indexing is only available for accounts with at least $100,000
  • In this free digital financial organizing tool, you can plan your finances on the same level as a natural person
  • Tax-loss handpicking every day
  • It's possible to open up to 529 accounts at this time


  • In this case, there are no people who help people with their money
  • It's hard to get in touch with a real-time product expert
  • There are no online chats at this time

Setting up An Account

Quickly open an account, take a short quiz about your finances and risk, and then look at a portfolio of possible investments. When you set up an account with Wealthfront, you tap the "Get Started" icon on the main page and choose "Creditor" or "Invest." The time it takes to open any other type of account is about 4-5 minutes. Once you put in your full title, mobile number, and email address, your Invest account is set up and ready to use. First, a threat questionnaire asks about overarching goals such as a pension, making general investments, and education. It is then guided by the first section of the question.

User Experience

Desktop Experience

It's easy to find what you need on Wealthfront's simple interface. Borrow, Cash, Invest, and Blog are some categories on the platform's tab. Users can easily find what they really want and easily access their profiles.

Mobile Experience

The user experience was great, and the applications work almost as well as the desktop application. Non-Wealthfront users can link their profiles, use the financial management software, get financial planning advice, and get an actual 360o perspective of their expenditure and total wealth. This is a huge benefit.

Customer Service

Customer service can be found in three places:

  1. Help center with FAQs and a search bar.
  2. Email
  3. Telephone

The customer supportphone number is hard to find. So if you contact, eight menu choices cover everything from deposits to making investments. A Product Specialist was ready to help us when we approached him.


People at Wealthfront have bounded access to this information. A team is always looking into how they keep your information safe.

  • Two-step authentication
  • Touch ID is a biometric way to authenticate on mobile devices
  • There is $1,000,000 FDIC insurance on the money in Wealthfront Cash accounts through the banks that belong to the company
  • As long as you keep your money in an account with Wealthfront, you're covered by the SIPC more than$500,000. As long as you have up to $250,000 in cash, this insurance will pay for it


Wealfront has a lot of good information for people who want to learn, like a blog, educational blog posts, and videos. Buying a home, college preparing, retirement, and many more are all things that guides can help you with. The educational material talks about how to utilize assets, taxes, wealth management, account categories, general buying shares, and a lot of other things, too. Suppose you want to learn more about how the platform works. In that case, Wealthfront has a lot of great blog articles and white papers that explain a lot about the framework and a few of the research that backs it up.

Fees and Commissions

The Wealthfront investment portfolio charges a 0.25 percent AUM wrap fee for all accounts, taken out of your account each month. This is in a row with several robo-advisors, so this is a lot less than the charges conventional financial planners charge. The 0.25 percent wealth management fee is added to the part of an account that is in the threat parity look.

In this case, there are no extra fees for withdrawing money, trading service fees, bank transfers, and ending an account. "Invite" is a program that gives customers free account planning for a part of their money when they refer friends who open an account to the company.


As long as you're okay with the fact that the robo-advisor does everything for you, Wealthfront is the best choice for you. The company is always looking for new ways to improve. It has become a complete financial arranging, funds, and wealth management framework for people familiar with an all-digital forum for these kinds of things. Wealthfront's free financial management tools give it a significant advantage over other services that build a portfolio that meets Investment Strategy and manage it for you.


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