You and your car, which one is more valuable?

Edward Weston

Jul 05, 2021

A millionaire once had an accident when he was driving his luxury car. His car got more than 800,000 dollar claim from its insurance. However, because he himself had no commercial insurance, so he only got a 20,000 dollar claim. The person and the car, which one is more valuable? For most people, this question is may not be worth asking: of course, the people are more valuable! But in real life, this is not the case! In this car accident, the value of people and cars was nearly 40 times different. Because the pillar of the family suddenly collapsed, the entire family lost its source of income. The wife of the millionaire boss had no choice but to find a job again to support her son, the house mortgage, and also to support the four elderly people. The whole family is about to collapse... A millionaire who is only worth 20,000 dollar. Don't you think that he is gone too cheap?

The former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: “I really want to write the word ‘insurance’ on the doors of every household. I firmly believe that every family can get away from an irreparable disaster if they have paid a small price.”


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