Let’s talk about insurance

Edward Weston

Jul 05, 2021

Today, we will talk about insurance in the vernacular that everyone can understand: do you still remember what you said when you were in love? “ I'll take care of you for all your lifetime! " What do you have to take care of her for all her life? Now the average life expectancy of men is 5-8 years shorter than that of women, and you can't keep her accompany for the rest of the time, don’t even mention taking care of her. When the child grows up, what have you forgotten to say? ”I will let you go to university.” Please tell me how?

Nowadays, many parents can't even afford their children's medical expenses. Don’t even mention the cost of university education fees! Buying insurance, please don't mind, we are all materialists, talking about it will remind us to improve the awareness of prevention. Friends talk about insurance, no one will force you to buy insurance. It just enables you to understand insurance calmly and realize your commitment to your family.

In fact, buying insurance is just putting a little amount of money from your left pocket into your right pocket. Generally speaking, it is still your money, once there is a risk, you will be protected.


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