The 4 strange phenomena of insurance

Edward Weston

Jul 05, 2021

When people run into a car accident, they asked immediately: "Is there insurance?"

When someone died in the family, many people asked: "Is there insurance?"

When someone was sick, a group of people asked: "Is there insurance?

When buying insurance, a group of people said: "Insurance is deceitful."

People usually hate insurance, but they think of insurance at the critical moment! Maybe insurance is misunderstood the most by many people around the world. However, it is most useful at critical moments.

Many people scold the police for being irresponsible, but will first think of police when they encounter the gangsters. Many people blame doctors for having no medical ethics, but they first think of going to the hospital in case of accidents or diseases. Many people say that insurance is useless, but when risk strikes and money is needed urgently, they will first be asked if there is insurance!

Insurance is something that you don't need when you buy it, but you can't buy it when you need it. When buying insurance, don't look for these excuses: I have social security, I want to invest, I want to buy a house, I want to discuss with my family, I want to do it when I have time, I want to think about it again, I want to wait until I have spare money... Buying insurance can’t wait!

The sick people want to buy medical insurance, but they cannot buy it anymore.

The old people are eager to enjoy pension insurance, but they are too late to buy it.

The beneficiaries regret buying less insurance amount, and they say that they bought less.

Please believe that insurance is not used to change your life, but to prevent your life from being changed.


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