Problems that need to be paid great attention to when buying insurance

Edward Weston

Jun 29, 2021

The risks in life are unpredictable. Everyone is equal before the risks. Don't take chances, and think that the risks have nothing to do with yourself.

The essence of insurance is protection. Insurance is a product that includes annuity insurance, education fund and other financial insurance products. It also has its own characteristics: "1. The annual interest rate will not be particularly high; 2. The compound interest rate increases; 3. The benefit is stable; 4. The cycle is in very long-term".

How to buy insurance is very important, which is related to the later settlement of claims. Why don't some insurance pay? There are three main reasons:

1. When buying insurance, if you do not inform your health in true condition and you are insured with an illness or the hospital has a record, then there will be disputes in the settlement of claims in the later period.

2. There are exemption clauses in the contract, which many people do not know very well. For example, if you have a congenital disease or intentional behaviors against the insured, the insurance company will refuse to pay.

3. The insurance company will not compensate if the insurance is not within the scope of liability. For example, if you buy annuity insurance without additional hospitalization, the insurance company will not pay for it if you are ill or you have some minor accident.


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