The insurance covers the risk of tomorrow

Edward Weston

Jun 29, 2021

Some people say that I buy an insurance amount of 300,000 dollar now, and if I pay it for 20 years, the annual premium will be 300,000 dollar, but the price is rising every year, so what can 300,000 dollar do at that time? To answer this question, we must return to the definition of risk: we are not sure when it will happen, that is called risk. If we are sure that we can pay for the entire 20 years, then we don't need to buy insurance in the sense of protection. The question is, how can you ensure that you will be safe and healthy for the next 20 years? Because accidents happen in an instant, and diseases happen only over one night.

To buy insurance is to buy multiple

If someone buys insurance today, in case there will be a risk tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, how many times will the insurance company pays to him with regards to the money he paid for the insurance until today will be the powerful data to measure the significance of an insurance policy.


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